Whitefish Mountain Resort

The Whitefish Mountain Resort is a full-featured four season resort and quite possibly one of Whitefish Montana’s biggest claims to fame. Providing epic recreational opportunities throughout the year for the entire family, the Whitefish Mountain Resort has become a true four-season destination resort in and of itself. 



During the winter months Whitefish Mountain Resort provides some of the finest skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the entire northwest. Boasting over 300 inches of annual snowfall, more than 3000 acres of luscious terrain, 2,353 feet of vertical drop, and a wonderful mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain, the Whitefish Mountain Resort is a favorite winter destination for alpine skiers and snowboarders from around the world.


When the snow melts away, another side of Whitefish Mountain Resort awakens and springs to life. The ‘summer side’ of Whitefish is a stark contrast to the winter experience, but it is every bit as enjoyable and exciting.

Summer brings music, concerts, outdoor community events, festivals, art shows, mountain bike races, Huckleberry picking and a wide variety of other enjoyable events to the slopes of Big Mountain and the village of Whitefish Mountain Resort.

There are also some incredible activities available for those who are looking to get the same thrill from the summer slopes as they did from the snow-covered slopes.

Recent additions


Whitefish Mountain Resort has added an alpine slide… a serpentine, U-shaped track much like the luge, but without the ice. Riders will take a wheeled sled up the lift, enter the track, and then careen down to the bottom as fast as they're daring enough to go.

Another new feature for 2009, is the introduction of the Big Mountain Zip Line. The new 2-hour (approximately) zip line tour will provide an unparalleled adrenaline rush, combined with an engaging interpretive tour through the forest.
There will be four separate spans connected by short walks, each with two parallel cables for dual riding action. The harnesses used are paragliding-style seat harnesses, so should be much more comfortable than rock climbing gear. Zippers can expect to reach speeds of 50 mph or more as they travel more than 100 feet above the ground on custom-made trolleys.</p>

The summer slopes of Whitefish Mountain is also a very popular spot for both locals tourists to enjoy a splendid day hike, or mountain bike trip, a walk through the treetops, or a leisurely ride on the chairlift or gondola.